50% neurotic , 50% artist; I express myself by screaming into a microphone. I whisper, sing and vomit my lyrics without concession.

Completely self-taught, I landed in the music world 10 years ago when I was still a young psychology student.

I started out as a drummer in a garage rock duo, but very quickly I felt the need to intensify my projects and express myself differently.

Today, I am the singer of ‘Underground Therapy’ and I created a collective of musical mutual aid, “Sound & Rags”, bringing together artists from all over France. At the same time, I decided to combine the useful elements of music with the pleasant ones and therefore combined 2 of my interests: compassion and music, by training myself in music therapy.

In short, you will see in my creations that I have as much of the understanding of profile of the patient just as much as the therapist.