Designed on the model of mini ephemeral festivals, the M.A.D sessions mix all kind of arts on a Rock’n’Roll background …

M for Monsterz

Claiming a free and unconventional state of mind, the Monsterz are aliens of the artistic landscape, tending to unite in order to create a bridge between the arts and their publics.
Between sharing and mutual assistance, these multidisciplinary artists have made their website a place of exchange and international sharing, open to anyone who wishes to join this artistic (and human) adventure …

A for Art

Digital Art, Visual Art, Music, Dance, Comic book…
Art forms blend and skills are tangled in an artistic galaxy, with both dark and colorful landscapes.
The creators meet and cross their creativity, culminating in collaborations and projects each more atypical than the next !

D for Display

Taking place over a day or an evening depending on the location, those events allow the rally of artists from all edges, with the aim of contributing to the landscape of the young contemporary art scene by encouraging the production of exhibitions and concerts designed for real art spaces.


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