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As you know, our next M.A.D SESSION will take place on April 14th. In view of this event, we thought of a special project: the Free Monsterz Art.

This project is based on the the Free Art Friday, a global artistic movement that consist in hiding artworks in a city to benefit a lucky one but also to create a different link between artists and their audience. And as we are the Monsterz, what better than a Friday 13 for this first Free Monsterz Art?

On Friday April 13th, the day before the M.A.D SESSION, our artworks (paintings, sculptures, music, videos, prints …) will be scattered in our towns, accompanied by a text explaining the concept and what to do with this artwork.

The only rule is to post a picture of the artwork on social networks, with the hashtag “#monsterzteaparty” or send us the photo directly by e-mail.

The clues will be given on Friday, April 13th, 2018, from 00:00 (UTC +1) on our Facebook page and on the event page!

BONUS: All artworks found in Occitanie (around Toulouse) come with another gift in connection with the M.A.D SESSION « Welcome to Monsterzland »,

Feel free to send a message if you have any question  !

The map will be updated regularly !



Art: L GRAFF (France)
Art: Ien Art’s (France)
Art: Wanda Tali (Argentine)
Art: Mad Monsterz (France)
Art: Wanda Tali (Argentine)
Art: Fernando Halcon (Espagne)
Art: Chiara Moresco (Italie)




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