As part of our ongoing effort to keep artistic expression, experimentation and collaboration alive, we would like to introduce you to The Apotheca.

A broad menu of uniquely-crafted textures, scapes, glitches, noises, sequences and other “somewhat thrashy/somewhat musical” sound gimmicks we think you might find useful for your mad experiments. (Short films, videos, animations, soundscapes, songs, etc).

Expect frequent uploads and special giveaways!

All audio samples are free to download. However, your donations are more than welcome and in many ways will help keep The Laboratory and The Apotheca open.


Format: WAV 24 bit 48,000 Hz.

**1 sample= 1 potion**


The Apothecary, ELIEZER OG

This batch contains 12 potions, enjoy!

This batch contains 10 potions, enjoy!

This batch contains 8potions, enjoy!


*Please give a shout-out to Eliezer OG/ Monsterz Tea Party in your credits.