More Barcelona (José Luis Moraño)

(José Luis Moraño)

Barcelona (SPAIN)


From an early age, he starts to get interested in science fiction and horror comics, (like creepy and zone 84) so he begins to draw and imitate.

As a teenager, he entered a comic and illustration academy in Barcelona, that lead him to graffiti in the 90s, but in reality what he liked was the illustration on and he always devoted himself more to paper than to the walls.


His  many  influences such as skateboard art, graffiti, comics, hot rod and lowbrow art, mixing all those elements and this is style lead him to a unique style, a mix  of everything he likes. But the most important thing to this artist  is to have fun.

He currently designs for t-shirts, posters, rock and skateboards decks, which is what he likes the most since he says it is a very free and crazy art.

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