Toulouse (FRANCE)


29-year-old writer from Aveyron, living in Toulouse

Comics and drawing are passions that have followed him all his life: it is by discovering the francobelgians comics (Gaston, Asterix, Lucky Luke …), then the mangas (Akira, Gunnm, Hellsing …), then the american comics (Batman, Spawn, Justice league …), that he built his style of drawing.

After studying Fine Art at Toulouse, then a Master in Comics in Angoulême, it’s back on Toulouse that he works then publishes his first comic at Y.I.L. Editions: Sinrise. A series inspired by the dark universes of mangas and adult comics, and  rub shoulders with vampires, undead, werewolves, and other diverse and varied creatures.

Volume 1 was published in April 2017, volume 2 in November 2018.

Currently working on Volume 3, it is planned to go out at spring 2020