REBEKA SKELA (Sanguine Skills)

New Orleans (U.S.A)


“I have always identified myself as a traveler, and have been one since a very early age. Born and raised mostly in France my parents took me to live around the world and the minute I was able to fly the coop I continued the journey of discovery, adaptation and packing bags.

I studied Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in painting and printmaking, and after graduating in 2006 moved back to Europe to try out some new countries such as Spain and Germany, and picked up another language, adding spanish to my native french and english.. 4 years later I moved to California and became the head scenic artist at John Murray Productions, a company in the Bay Area. My love for sets and environments really grew at this point and after a steady 3 years of hard work, my suitcases got the itch to get packed again. I tried Maine, then Puerto Rico and currently reside in New Orleans, LA, where after recently quitting to focus solely on my artwork, was the manager for Tresor Gallery.”


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