Badass is a rapidly growing and innovative movement in all things art, An independant worldwide collective of extraordinary artists with a united vision to build a free thinking realm where creative souls of all kinds can openly express themselves free from judgement and undictated by societys idea of the ‘norm’
Badass is not only an inventive place where artists can share or display thier works with the world (and other like-minded inventors); but is also a safe and productive space for both amateurs and professionals alike to interact together, to offer encouragement and support, to inspire on another and fuel creativity!
We call on you! the eccentrics, the radicals, the day dreamers, the rejects, the bold, the different, the beautifully disturbed, the weird and the wonderful to join us and our awesome collaboration where we welcome all imaginative engineers of all mediums, all genres and all forms of artistic expression… So whether you are a painter, a sculpter, a photographer, a writer, a dancer, a composer or a creator, Lets come together and deliberately free ourselves from the ‘conventional’ rules of art and get BADASS!

⚠ Warning: We also display art with mature themes and distorted veiws so those whom are easily offended may wish to ‘sit this one out’

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If you have any questions at all please contact me, Nathan Steinke, on facebook or send 

 an e-mail .