Illustration, Guadalajara, SPAIN


Fernando Halcón [Rh] (1969), is an artist always determined to find a personal and identifying way of artistically communicating his concerns as a careful observer of our shared social dynamics and our intrinsic contradictions.

He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Madrid and later at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In the course of a few years, he developed a code that contemplates a rich and nourished symbolic alphabet of images that will bring his personal artistic language both in his notebooks of drawings and in his collages of pictorial character that define the creative-plastic axis of his art where the most important is the content of communication.

Currently, Fernando Halcón maintains his creation and residency study in Guadalajara, Spain, working on his artistic production, exposing his work in artistic and cultural circuits, and as a graphic designer in the Advertising sector and as Freelance illustrator for publishers, magazines and books.

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