Illustration, Athens,GRECE


Hell-o everyone, I am a 24-year-old COW from Greece and I like to draw everyday. Isn’t it weird how a cow can draw aah ?! Recently, except from producing milk , I found myself interested in illustration artworks. I realize that it is much more difficult to draw using my mouse or my pad, but the results are sometimes better than hand-drawing.


Most of my sketches have a secret message, so you might have to look a little more carefully to find it. These messages are not there for you but for me cause I like to hide clues and subconscious thoughts in my artworks. I don’t want to have a specific or unique style ,because I like to ” taste “many different things: little monsters, people and animals in suits, everyday objects, entities with no physical dimension or shape and many more.

I am always opened to new ideas and cooperations, with other creative minds from around the world, for new creations : sketches, band logos, band live posters, CD or vinyl covers, t shirts, posters, flyers or anything else we can think about.


Please feel free to contact me at any time.

P.S : If you don’t like my work you can simply “drink my milk” and remember I am just a cow trying to draw … What else do you expect?

Thanks a lot ! “

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